Tactive partnered with a leading restaurant chain that was seeking to build local brand awareness by achieving high video completion rates for their online advertising campaign.

Result #1

With an 86% completion rate, the campaign performed well above the expected benchmark of over 75%.

Result #2

With an expected click through rate (CTR) of more than 1%, the campaign exceeded its goal with a CTR of 1.5%.

The campaign, which was focused on the areas surrounding store locations, was optimized by Tactive’s location focused geo-targeting strategies. By zeroing in on consumers within a 10-mile radius of each location, there were no wasted brand dollars. In order to meet the client’s objectives, Tactive helped to increase completion rate, click through rate, and overall performance of the campaign by utilizing geo-targeting, data segmentation, and retargeting.

Targeted Video Online Advertising #4 – Restaurant

An upscale Jewelry retailer recently launched a video campaign promoting its holiday sale in order to drive sales and foot traffic to its store. The small business jeweler wanted to use Video Pre-Roll to target people in the market to buy jewelry. They used a short 30 second video ad targeting 58 zip codes which represented the areas where their customers have come from historically. These, non-skippable video ads targeted local residents visiting both local and national highly-trafficked websites (sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, technology, and shopping). These short video ads play before the viewer sees a news video, sports video, or whatever video the consumer was intending to see on the website. Video ads played thousands of times over a 1 week period with 53% of the people viewing watching the full commercial. Additionally because online video is also an interactive form of advertising, Tactive customers get the added benefit of making their advertising “clickable” and in the case of the jeweler, delivering people directly to their website. The campaign produced a 3.6% click thru on the video ads directing the customer to the retail website. Although Tactive doesn’t charge per click, based on the total cost of the program the cost would have been $.82 – less than a third the average of PPC (pay per click) from Google which was charging $3.16 combined for their keyword and display network for the “Jewelry” target market and demographic.

Targeted Video Online Advertising #3 – Retail

By using location as a primary signal for targeting, Tactive delivered on its promise of strategic viewer engagement. A California-based tourism board approached Tactive to launch a geo-targeted pre-roll ad campaign. By catering to highly customized data segments with location granularity, Tactive exceeded expectations. The tourism board optimized their campaign by using Tactive’s location focused geo-targeting. Rather than disseminating their pre-roll videos to an expansive designated market area (DMA), the client was able to reach consumers within a precise latitude and longitude. Tactive’s RTB technology strategically bid on ad opportunities located alongside California’s borders. Because of this, the ads were seen by people within an accessible driving distance to the state’s tourist locations. This increased the likelihood that the viewer would be engaged with the content. With an impressive 85% view through rate, it is evident that Tactive’s location focused targeting works. Geo-targeting to a specific type of consumer allows ad campaigns to captivate viewer attention, which can be seen in the tourism board’s 0.56% click through rate.

Tactive’s hyper-focused targeting strategies aided in producing a largely successful ad campaign for this California-based tourism board. Tactive delivered on its promise of impressive, quantifiable results.

Targeted Video Online Advertising #2- Travel

A luxury brand-specific car dealer leveraged Tactive’s digital advertising platform to serve a location focused, highly targeted pre-roll video campaign. The luxury car dealer utilized some Tactive’s 5,500+ data segments to pinpoint their ideal audience. The advertiser’s goals were achieved by strategically targeting people whose professions yield a high net worth. The dealer’s campaign also catered to people who had previously purchased various types of high-end automobiles. The high-end dealership set out  with the goals to increase brand recognition among relevant users by targeting people most likely to convert to customers. Additionally, the dealer opted to engage Tactive’s industry leading geo-targeting technology to serve ads to people within a certain vicinity of dealership locations. These two strategies yielded an impressive 74% View Through Rate (VTR).

Targeted Video Online Advertising #1- Automotive

I am very pleased with the internet marketing your company has provided to us. For the first time for the last two months, majority of the new clients coming to the salon are from the internet. I am currently advertising on the radio and the internet marketing has been better. We get this information by having new clients to the salon fill out a profile sheet and one of the questions is how did you hear about us. This information is vital to me, so I know how my marketing dollars are working. I am very interested in increasing my budget with your company to see how far we can ride this wave. Please send me detail on if I was to double my budget.

Warmest Regards,

Retargeting – Retail
Victor Howard, Business Manager | Eastway Crossing TWS